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RPM Category Management provides training and tool offerings designed to improve and streamline category management work.

Within the consumer packaged goods (CPG) industry, category management is how business is done.  Unfortunately, category management consumes considerable resources and is not always cost effective.  Perhaps the largest factor preventing a positive return on investment has been the inability of companies to consistently integrate this management process into their day-to-day business activities.

Our training programs will provide the skill enhancement and development necessary to leverage your category management investments to deliver improved business process results that yield profitable sales growth.  We will help your team better understand the "so what?" of business insights necessary to make better business decisions.  Let us help you realize the promise of category management by learning to collaborate with results on an everyday basis.

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Despite its pervasiveness and continued growth, category management is still a promise largely unfulfilled.  Category management remains analysis intensive and template oriented, which has led to an event mentality surrounding the business process.  For category management to thrive it requires a continual, balanced focus and quick access to the elusive insights buried within the data.

The RPM CatManSuite™ provides a practical solution for delivering category management and sales planning insights.  These interactive insight applications are fully automated, presentation ready, and provide plain English analysis using "IntelliText" - not just impressive graphs and charts.  These easy-to-learn applications require no special software or systems and incorporate the use of category management best practices to address common business issues.

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