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The need for category management support continues to grow in the CPG industry.  Not only required for annual category planning, but more frequently this information is also needed for everyday tactical sales planning. 

In fact, in many sales organizations less than 10% of all sales plans and presentations are prepared using retailer-specific analysis.  Also, with the typical retailer only conducting annual category planning for a fraction of their average 250+ store categories in any given year, it is virtually impossible for the categories to be managed within a store portfolio.

Both manufacturers and retailers have similar category management analysis issues:

  • Takes Too Long

  • Not Scaleable

  • Varying Expectations

  • People-based Insights

To solve these issues, RPM Category Management provides the RPM CatManSuite™.


Whether used for category planning or for making everyday business decisions and presentations, these tools provide answers to the issues at hand.  Best of all, this analysis is now available in hours, not days.


RPM CatManSuite™ Design:

The RPM CatManSuite™ applications incorporate a modular design that separates the data importation, data analysis and "IntelliText" components.  What this means is that they offer incredible flexibility and may be customized to work with ACNielsen's NITRO, IRI's XLerate and InfoPro, and Bristol's DataAlchemy technology.  They may be tailored to meet each individual company's needs.  They are also Microsoft Excel-based applications, so they require no special software, require a minimum of training, and work within the standard industry productivity platform.


RPM CatManSuite™


  • Category Overview

  • Category Assortment

  • Category Promotion

  • Ahold Templates

  • Albertsons Templates

  • Custom Modules

  • Analysis solutions designed to answer common business questions.

  • Retailer-specific analysis available for all planning and presentations.

  • Automated data tables, graphs and intelligent analysis summaries.

  • Presentation-ready with no special software or training investment.

  • Works with multiple data sources and platforms, easily customized.

  • Decrease time, increase scale, improve quality, and increase ROI.


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