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Links to Category Management Consultants

Links to some additional information Websites (click on the logo to open).

The Partnering Group

Blattberg, Chaney & Associates

Winston Weber & Associates

Founded by Dr. Brian Harris, the first big name in category management

Dr. Bob Blattberg is one of the leading CPG industry thought leaders

Win Weber is one of the original three category management specialists

Willard Bishop Company

Cannondale Associates

Category Management, Inc.

Bill Bishop is a long-standing and leading CPG industry consultant

Consulting firm best known for their annual category management survey

Jerry Singh worked with Bob Blattberg on a $1,200 category management book

Gladson Interactive

SMSB Consulting Group


Specialize in space management services and product image databases

Offer space management services and category management presentations

One of the few "big" consulting firms that have done practical CatMan work

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